Wireless Uplighting

Wireless Uplighting is one of the best investments to upgrade your room!  Our wireless uplighting is top of the line ran 100% off battery power only!  That means no messy wires and no restrictions on where we can put them.  We start the night off with a static color of your choice (10,000,000 color options) Once the party starts rocking we can change the color to the music.  Color Fade the lights, snap, chase and strobe.  Pretty much anything we want, since we control them Via Computer.  
Don't make a mistake and have a dull lit room.. Book these for your next event!

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Lighting is an upgrade that has been getting more and more popular over the years.  We control the lights via computer and can be put anywhere in the room. We spotlight your special dances, introductions, toast, and cake cutting.   They are also awesome during the times when there is no dancing, we shoot them up on the ceiling to add an awesome effect.  During dance sets they are moving around the room for ambience, and go along with the wireless uplighting.. Great upgrade for any event!